General Rules

1. International advertising festival Golden Hammer (the Festival) is open to all parties and organizations involved in advertising, production, media, PR, design and other creative endeavors. The Festival consists of competition, conference and awards show. The following rules refer to entering into competition.

2. Entries must have been launched to the public between 1 January 2016 and 15 April 2017. Private screenings, previews and director's cuts shall not be eligible. Entries must comply with these rules, the Technical Requirements herein and special requirements listed in each category.

3. Entries that were shortlisted at Golden Hammer 2016 may not be resubmitted, even if they have been launched to the public between 1 January 2016 and 15 April 2017.

4. Either an agency or a production company may submit an Entry that both parties have worked on. Which of the companies submits the Entry must be agreed in advance by the parties concerned. In the event that the same Entry is submitted by two different Entrants, in the same category and subcategory, only the first Entry registered will be accepted.

5. Entrant is responsible for entering correct details in the online entry form. Information entered in the entry form is used to calculate awards based on points system: Creativity Case, Access Key, Communications folder, PR Frame and Network of the Year. Entrants’ company title will be the name that will appear on diplomas if the entry is shortlisted and/or awarded, and in all publications relating to the Festival. Please fill in your user profile and entry forms extra carefully, since the information cannot be changed once the final results are published.

6. By submitting an Entry and paying the Entry Fee in full, Entrants affirm they have the legal right to enter the competition on the terms defined in these rules. Each Entrant indemnifies the Organizer against all liabilities to any other person or company and all losses arising from any breach of these rules by the entrant.

7. Entry forms must be completed online until the submissions deadline and the entry fee must be paid by the date on the invoice, by credit or debit card or by bank transfer. Entries will be considered complete when all media files have been uploaded, full payment has been made online or an invoice has been requested in the system, and a confirmation e-mail from the Organizer has been received.

8. Non-compliance with any of these rules will result in automatic disqualification of the Entry.

9. Entries cannot be submitted without the prior permission of the client/owner of the work. Client contact information must be provided in the entry submission form. 

10. Entries must be a result of a contract between the Entrant and the client and must be a subject for payment, except in cases of self-promotion or if created for a non-profit organization.

11. Entries must be submitted for judging exactly as published or implemented and may not be modified for the competition. If an Entry is translated into English, the presentation must be the same as the original version.

12. The Organizer reserves the right to reject entries which offend national or religious sentiments, public taste, or, in the Organizer's opinion, breach any applicable laws, codes of practice, or infringe any third party rights.

13. In the event of a complaint against any shortlisted or awarded entry, the Organizer reserves the right to request detailed documentation from all parties concerned, including the complainant, the entrant, and clients. The Organizer will not hesitate to withdraw an award in case a complaint from a third party is upheld.

14. At the request of the jury, the Organizer may contact the client with questions about the implementation or presentation of an Entry.

15. Files and materials submitted will not be returned and may be displayed, shown, duplicated, published or reproduced for educational and promotional purposes. By submitting an Entry, Entrants agree to allow such use by the Organizer without any costs or expenses. The Entrant is responsible for the quality of the submitted files.  

Technical Requirements

16. Entrants must upload only final versions of files, that will be used for judging, Golden Hammer archive and Festival publicity purposes. Replacement media files will not be accepted. Entrants may not upload ‘holding files’, i.e. fake or incorrect files.

17. The Organizer reserves the right to reject Entries not meeting these Technical Requirements: 


Technical requirements
Video file  Audio file Image file

File format: MP4/h.264

Resolution: 1280x720 (720p)

Frame rate: 25p

File format: MP3 (no other formats will be accepted) 

Bit rate: 128kbps

Compression ratio: 11:1

File format: JPEG 

Resolution: 300dpi

Format: RGB (CMYK will not be accepted) 

Longest edge: 420mm

18. Physical materials (corporate identity materials, packaging samples etc) for the DESIGN AND BRANDINGS, DIRECT (only Print/Mail subcategory), CRAFT (only Design and Photography subcategory) and CONTENT AND ENTERTAINMENT (depending on subcategory) must be sent to the Organizer by courier in good time, but no later than 21 April 2017. Please insure your package.  Please add copy of your invoice for entry identification purposes.

Golden Hammer office address:


Artilērijas iela 3, k-2, Rīga, LV-1001, Latvija

Fees and Refunds

19. Entry fees must be paid by the date on the invoice. If an Entrant has requested an invoice in the system, then the Entrant obliged to pay the requested invoice in full. 

20. Entries submitted after the original deadline of 24 April 2017 shall be subject to a late fee of 20%, in addition to the Entry fee.

21. Commission charges for bank transfers shall be covered by the Entrant. Commission charges for credit/debit card payments shall be covered by the Organizer. 

22. No refunds will be made for no-shows, disqualifications and withdrawals after 24 April 2017, regardless of any extensions to the original deadline. Refunds can only be requested in writing.

23. Entries withdrawn before 24 April 2017 will be subject to a EUR 50.00 fee to cover administrative costs.

24. All shipping costs, insurance, customs duties and handling fees shall be paid by the Entrant. The Organizer cannot assume responsibility for customs clearance, Entrants must make their own arrangements.

25. Any decision made by the Organizer in any matter relating to the Festival is considered final and binding.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional queries or assistance: