SOCIAL category is for the executed ideas that actually made the world a better place. If your work has contributed to society designing, anti-smoking, anti-drugs, anti-drink-driving, road safety, transport safety, health messages, hygiene, gambling addiction, fire safety, safe sex, breastfeeding, political & religious messages, unions, associations, environmental awareness, government & forces recruitment, state education, racial awareness, disability awareness, gender & sex equality, domestic violence, child abuse, refugee/asylum/immigration issues, charities, donation appeals, funds and foundations, volunteers, blood & organ donation, animal rights appeals campaigns. 

Your entry must include file relevant to the subcategory you are submitting in. Case study can be submitted as an image file, but a video is recommended.

Please note: 

  • The Festival is unable to accept entries not meeting the defined technical requirements.
  • All symbols and texts that could be used to identify the author and submitter must be removed, except when the submitted entry is self-promotional.
  • All submissions must be in English. If the ad or campaign was executed in any other language than English, a translation must be provided.
  • The case study image file and video must show us three things - what was the challenge, how you overcame it and, of course, the result. Case study video must not exceed 180 seconds. 
  • Image file is digital visual presentation of your work, including images and text 120 max. words, covering the challenge/brief, solution and results. Example of Image file you will fing in FAQ section
Case study Image file

File format: MP4/h.264

Resolution: 1280x720 (720p)

Frame rate: 25p

File format: JPEG 

Resolution: 300dpi

Format: RGB (CMYK will not be accepted) 

Longest edge: 420mm

N1 Film
  Al types of Film content with no time limit, however, any submissions longer than 180 seconds minutes must be submitted in their entirety as well as an epitome that is 180 seconds.
N2 Print
  All types of Print executions.
N3 Outdoor
  All types of outdoor executions.
N4 Radio/Audio
  Radio and audio executions.
N5 Interactive
  Interactive and online solutions.
N6 Media
  Creative and appropriate use of media, and how media ideas demonstrate an understanding of the target market, innovatively implement strategy across channels maximising a successful outcome.
N7 Campaign
  Campaign that stretches across all channels.