Promo & Activation category encloses activity designed to create immediate activation and/or offer for the sales of a product or service. This may be implemented using sampling, tie-ins, competitions, events, in-store advertising events, exhibitions and other promotional vehicles, such as digital media.

Your entry must include an image file case study. A video case study is recommended. 

Please note: 

  • The Festival is unable to accept entries not meeting the defined technical requirements.
  • All symbols and texts that could be used to identify the author and submitter must be removed, except when the submitted entry is self-promotional.
  • All submissions must be in English. If the ad or campaign was executed in any other language than English, a translation must be provided.
  • The case study image file and video must show us three things - what was the challenge, how you overcame it and, of course, the result. Case study video must not exceed 180 seconds. 
  • Image file is digital visual presentation of your work, including images and text 180 max. words, covering the challenge/brief, solution and results. Example of Image file you will fing in FAQ section
Case study Image file

File format: MP4/h.264

Resolution: 1280x720 (720p)

Frame rate: 25p

File format: JPEG 

Resolution: 300dpi

Format: RGB (CMYK will not be accepted) 

Longest edge: 420mm

I1  Promotional Stunts and Live Advertising
  Short/one-off live pop up executions, street teams, publicity stunts, street stunts
I2 Live Shows/Concerts/Festivals/Events
  Sport events, music festivals, fairs, trade shows, corporate entertainment, live concerts, built stages.
I3 Use of Exhibitions and Digital Installations
  A more permanent feature, including: vending machines, interactive digital events, floor graphics, transit advertising
I4 Non-Traditional Ambient and Guerilla marketing
  Non-traditional outdoor/billboards including, 3D and non-standard shaped sites, ticket barriers, signage, wallscape, digital billboards, window clings, building wrapping, executions that utilize a space or an existing permanent feature, helicopter banners, out-of-store sampling, glasses, beer mats and ashtrays, flyers, stickers, signage, street teams, street art, street furniture and transit advertising.
I5  Customer in-Store Experience
  Including in-door temporary installations and displays, using samples, special discounts, customer marketing, promotions, incentives, product demonstrations, store-within-a –store, banners, posters.
I6 Sponsorship or Partnership
  For a campaign that utilized a sponsorship or tie-in partner (samples and/or photographs as support can be submitted )
I7 Digital or Social media
  Activities designed and implemented only in online, mobile or social media environment using digital/social platforms.