In DESIGN AND BRANDING category we celebrate of the use of design as an aid in communication and experience to inform brand ethos and product messages. 

Your entry must include a presentation image file, a physical sample of the entry. Video case study is recommended. 

Actual samples (business cards, calendars, packaging, posters, etc.) of entries submitted in DESIGN AND BRANDING category must be sent to the Golden Hammer office by courier in addition to the electronic submission otherwise, they are not able to participate in the competition.

If the entry cannot be sent to the Golden Hammer office by courier due to its size or other specifics, the electronic entry will be sufficient. Please inform the Golden Hammer team about it -

Please make sure to send the items in a timely fashion, and make sure they reach the Golden Hammer office by 5 May 2017. Please use courier services, to make sure your entry makes it here safe and sound. 


SIA GOLDEN HAMMER, Artilērijas iela 3, k-2Rīga, LV-1001, Latvija 

Please note: 

  • The Festival is unable to accept entries not meeting the defined technical requirements.
  • All symbols and texts that could be used to identify the author and submitter must be removed, except when the submitted entry is self-promotional.
  • All submissions must be in English. If the ad or campaign was executed in any other language than English, a translation must be provided.
  • The case study image file and video must show us three things - what was the challenge, how you overcame it and, of course, the result. Case study video must not exceed 180 seconds. 
  • Image file is digital visual presentation of your work, including images and text 120 max. words, covering the challenge/brief, solution and results. Example of Image file you will fing in FAQ section
Case study Image file

File format: MP4/h.264

Resolution: 1280x720 (720p)

Frame rate: 25p

File format: JPEG 

Resolution: 300dpi

Format: RGB (CMYK will not be accepted) 

Longest edge: 420mm


F1 New brand identity
   New brand identity for products and services.
F2 Rebranding identity
  Rebranded brand identity for products and services.
F3 Promotional item design 
  Physical marketing materials provided to consumers in order to communicate information about a brand. The focus will be placed on the use of items to promote and further a brand’s communication, which should demonstrate a clear understanding of the brand’s target audience. Includes clothing, promotional gifts and samples, guerrilla-marketing accessories, promotional items and brand merchandise.
F4 Original business gifts
  Original B2B gifts provided to clients. 
F5 Brand environment and experience design
  Created brand environment and delivered brand experience in retail for long term use. Consideration will be placed on the functionality in relation to the product or service being sold, presentation of the clients brand values and ease of sale. Entries in this category may include any type of permanent retail space e.g. department and specialist stores, banks, salons.
F6 Temporary brand environment and experience design

Demonstrating impactful, engaging solutions that delivers brand experience in short term solutions. Consideration will be given to functionality in relation to the product being sold, presentation of the client’s brand values and ease of sale. Includes in-store merchandising, posters, product displays, structural graphics, POS graphic materials, window displays, pop-up stores, seasonal displays, mobile demo units, consumer touch points, etc.

F7 Packaging design
  Packaging used to sell or promote brands.
F8 Corporate communication design
  Annual Reports, infographics, brochures (business communication/ literature/ publications), calendars, catalogs, business cards, tickets, invitation & greeting cards, postcards.
F9 Selfpromotion 
  Any type of media format – designed by agencies to promote themselves.